Bonus Acquired: Purchase Seagate Products from Authorized Dealers for Extra Buffs!

Data and storage are key and crucial components of our work and hobbies such as gaming. It’s a component that houses all our games, work software, project files, raw footage and personal memories. And because of that, there are different kinds of needs for different kinds of people when it comes to internal hard drives. While Seagate has a range of products depending on your needs, they also have awesome bonuses to boot!

And the good news is, you get these extra buffs or additional services for free when purchasing Seagate internal storage from authorized dealers.


Once you register the drive you just bought, Seagate offers a Rescue Recovery Data Service plans for different kinds of individuals and businesses. From individuals such as freelancers, artists, gamers to small businesses, they provide you with a two-year service of retrieving your files just in case important files and works get corrupted. And – we know how painful it is when that happens. It would definitely be better to leave it to the professionals while you work or spend time on something else. (Such as getting a few extra games of League of Legends or tending to your island in Animal Crossing) . 

You get a product warranty for five years and you can reach Seagate’s customer support via phone and online. Seagate also does several online promotions and product news and as well as events/tradeshows and you bet they’ll update you with the latest happenings so you won’t miss out!

To help verify if the Seagate product you’re about to buy is legitimate, check for a green hologram sticker that says “Guaranteed Original” with the Seagate logo on it. And to double-check, the product will have QR codes for you to scan. Just use any QR code scanner app from your smartphone and it will take you to a website to check the product if it’s original or not for you.


Identifying authorized dealers is quite easy too! Just look for an area in the shop with Seagate banners,shelves, fliers, posters and of course, Seagate products. 

Storage and data is such a crucial part of our everyday tasks and hobbies, so it is best to make sure the product you are buying is legit and comes with extra protection and services to get your money’s worth! For more information about Seagate’s products, check out their website at:

Seagate Encourages Us to Be Wiser!

Having to lose your precious files is a nightmare. As a content creator, this is one of the things that I wish to never experience. EVER. Just imagine: raw footage from my vlogs and media coverage done on other countries and events, saved project files, .psd templates, gameplay recordings,etc – all gone.Everything is very important for my work and I’m sure a lot of people can relate. Even if our jobs are not on the line, all our precious memories,programs,games,etc we have gathered overtime just disappear in a snap due to data corruption or from physical causes is still a hassle to deal with.

With Seagate’s running campaign called “Be WISER”, it reminds us that the cliche line “Prevention is better than Cure” can be applied for our internal storage needs and prevent disasters such as the mentioned above from happening.



Purchasing second hand products is a common practice, especially when there are deals that are hard to resist. But it doesn’t change the fact that at some instances, you are putting yourself at risk of sketchy transactions, potential zero customer support and damaged goods . And when it comes to internal hard drives, it can get a little bit tricky. Memories in the form of files on your PC and the time invested to make them can’t be bought back. (Unless, you have a time machine.)



You can easily spot Seagate’s friendly reminder through their signages, stickers and posters on their products located at certain stores.

Benefits of buying a brand new Internal drive:

  • Its new and the purchase is under your name – saves the hassle of documents for applying for needed services and stuff
  • Direct support/Warranty – if ever problems are encountered, you can easily contact them through their customer support hotline or via email and save yourself from solving these things on your own
  • After services like “Rescue” for Seagate – they’ve got awesome tools to recover files in-case of emergency and/or you’re just not tech-confident enough to use their software on your own. If you have also accidentally or happen to have important data formatted or deleted, they can help with that too.
  • You can check out this link for more information about their “Rescue” plans and services:

Just a friendly reminder,fam! Have fun and keep gaming!

Item Stash: Seagate x Intel Optane User Experience


Whenever we think about upgrading our PCs or assembling a new rig and calling it our own, we always ask ourselves “How do we go about this?”. As gamers, we’d definitely want to ensure that performance and speed are up to our standards. And when it comes to storage, there are many options we can consider to maximize our budget while having more pros and almost zero cons.

People would usually tell you to go for an SSD + HDD combo for your build, they aren’t wrong. But if it’s already out of your budget scope or you prefer a different approach, there’s another right answer that might fit your needs. You can opt for a Seagate 2 TB BarraCuda HDD + one of Intel’s newest released technology for 2017 – the Intel Optane.

A few days ago, Seagate sent me their 2 TB Barracuda HDD paired with the Intel Optane for testing. Using an MSI System, we will see if this pair could be at par with SSDs. As a person who uses an SSD + HDD build everyday, I could easily gauge and feel if it’s taking a while to boot or load a game. Well, aside from taking down timers, of course.

Article 3

So why get the Seagate 2 TB Barracuda HDD + Intel Optane?

-> Better overall system performance than vanilla HDDs
-> Booting time and software loading times have improved
-> Intel Optane acts like some sort of “buff” that makes your HDD faster with the price of $50
-> Massive storage if you take into account speed, capacity and price versus an SSD

Take note that you can pair the Intel Optane with any of Seagate’s Barracuda HDD series if you want to opt for something more in terms of capacity. The Seagate 2 TB Barracuda HDD was just a sample sent for testing.

Based from what I’ve read and tested, if you’re on a budget yet need a huge storage for your games, files, softwares, etc. and have an overall improved system performance compared to setups with vanilla HDDs or if you’d like a system that could be similar to SSDs but with more capacity, I suggest to go for this build.

Shoutouts again to Seagate for sending these units over for testing the upgrades first-hand! Like my Facebook page or follow me on Youtube to see more content like these!

Until next time!

Item Stash: Seagate’s 3.5-inch Firecuda HDD

Hey, folks! Welcome to another article feature for Riku HQ. In Item Stash, I’ll be talking about different items I own and use for my gaming adventures! As for our first item, let’s take a look at Seagate’s FireCuda 3.5 inch HDD!

Don’t worry. My article is totally newbie friendly for people who just want to see more options for their storage drives when it comes to either building a new rig or replacing your battle-scarred HDDs.

Item Description3The Firecuda 3.5 inch drive HDD basically combines the best of both worlds (HDD + SSD) by having the typical amount of storage space like a standard HDD, either 1 TB or 2 TB but with the power of an SSD to speed up boot times of certain software or games you frequently use.

With Seagate’s original technology built inside the chips that run the drive itself, the Multi-Tier Caching Technology™ and Adaptive Memory™ technology,  it acquires the ability to automatically detect frequently used data and store it for future use. So once you use certain applications, it loads faster than normal. Meanwhile, it identifies files that wouldn’t benefit from it’s superpowers like screenshots from your last match or a gameplay recording from one of your dungeon raids and just treats it like any normal file.

It’s plug-and-play feature makes it hassle-free so we enjoy all the benefits on the get-go without having to configure anything.

All prices found below are based on the date of publishing of this article.


1TB – 4,999.00
2TB – 6,599.00

That’s the current market price at the moment and may subject to change prior notice. Anyway, most standard HDDs will cost just a tiny bit less compared to their SSHD counterparts. So, adding extra hundreds for an SSHD wouldn’t hurt if you have the budget. 

Theverdict3Most people will recommend the separate SSD and HDD combo but that will roughly cost you around P 8,000 – P 9,000+ for the individual units of the 128 GB SSD and an HDD duo. But if you’re tight on budget and you’re aim is more space for your games and media files with bonus speeds not usually found on standard HDDs, then an HDD like the Firecuda 3.5 inch could be added on your build.

For more information on the mentioned product, check out the full feature listing on their website here.

Thanks again for reading and shoutouts to Seagate for this awesome upgrade! Feel free to follow my channels on Facebook, Twitter and Twitch for more updates and gaming content!

Product Highlight: GALAX GTX 1050 OC LP

Hey, guys! Riku here. With all the newest tech being released here and there, it gets hard choosing what’s right for your build or what upgrade you’re going for. There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking for the ‘right one’, especially when it comes to 10-series graphic cards. Specs, price, overall performance, features,etc all come into play. To get started, let’s take a look at one of GALAX’ budget and space-efficient models, the GALAX GTX 1050 OC LP.


And when I say space-efficient, I mean space inside your case since it has the LP included in the name. LP means Low-Profile and is usually a smaller sized graphic card that can fit easily into ITX cases. Oh and it’s also OC (Overclock), so if you’re into getting the most out of your card by pushing it to higher speeds, it’s another good bonus.

Here’s what you need to know.

General Features and Specifications:

  • General: 128-bit 2GB DDR5 | PCIe 3.0
  • Display Ports: DP 1.4, HDMI 2.0b, Dual Link-DVI-D
  • Card Dimensions: 182*121*39mm (With Bracket) 166*69*34mm (Without Bracket)
  • Clock Speeds: 1366 Mhz (Base) & 1468 Mhz (Boost)


  1. PCI Express-compliant motherboard with one dual-width x 16 graphics slot
  2. Minimum 300W or greater system power supply
  3. 350MB of available hard-disk space
  4. 2GB system memory (4GB or higher recommended)

Note: Specs taken from their website. For full specifications, check out this link.

The box includes the GALAX 1050 OC LP unit, an instruction manual and its drivers. It’s securely kept inside a black box filled with soft black foam for all the items mentioned above.

And here is everyone’s favorite part – The price and where to buy them. Of course, the price will vary from store to store but upon checking PCHub, it’s priced around P 6,750. So you can guess the stores will play around with that price range.

Where to buy:

There you go!

Feel free to leave a comment if you guys have any questions,suggestions,inquiries,etc. Shoutouts to GALAX Philippines for sending this over! Can’t wait to do more product features on my site.

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