Bonus Acquired: Purchase Seagate Products from Authorized Dealers for Extra Buffs!

Data and storage are key and crucial components of our work and hobbies such as gaming. It’s a component that houses all our games, work software, project files, raw footage and personal memories. And because of that, there are different kinds of needs for different kinds of people when it comes to internal hard drives. While Seagate has a range of products depending on your needs, they also have awesome bonuses to boot!

And the good news is, you get these extra buffs or additional services for free when purchasing Seagate internal storage from authorized dealers.


Once you register the drive you just bought, Seagate offers a Rescue Recovery Data Service plans for different kinds of individuals and businesses. From individuals such as freelancers, artists, gamers to small businesses, they provide you with a two-year service of retrieving your files just in case important files and works get corrupted. And – we know how painful it is when that happens. It would definitely be better to leave it to the professionals while you work or spend time on something else. (Such as getting a few extra games of League of Legends or tending to your island in Animal Crossing) . 

You get a product warranty for five years and you can reach Seagate’s customer support via phone and online. Seagate also does several online promotions and product news and as well as events/tradeshows and you bet they’ll update you with the latest happenings so you won’t miss out!

To help verify if the Seagate product you’re about to buy is legitimate, check for a green hologram sticker that says “Guaranteed Original” with the Seagate logo on it. And to double-check, the product will have QR codes for you to scan. Just use any QR code scanner app from your smartphone and it will take you to a website to check the product if it’s original or not for you.


Identifying authorized dealers is quite easy too! Just look for an area in the shop with Seagate banners,shelves, fliers, posters and of course, Seagate products. 

Storage and data is such a crucial part of our everyday tasks and hobbies, so it is best to make sure the product you are buying is legit and comes with extra protection and services to get your money’s worth! For more information about Seagate’s products, check out their website at: